Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the fee for a mobile bar and/or Inflatable Pub Hire?

Mobile Bars

For us to bring all the equipment, setup, staff and run a paid for bar for your event we require a total deposit of £100.00. This covers our initial costs and the Temporary Event Notice fee if needed. We would need to receive this within 14 days of the inquiry to secure the date and our services. If the bar takings on the day exceeded £1500.00 (usually easily exceeded at most events) then we would refund you the £100.00 and it wouldn’t cost you anything.

For conditions on booking and refunds please see our T&C’s.

 Inflatable Pub  

Prices start from as little as £150.00. As this can vary from job to job please contact us for further details.

What area’s do you cover?

We offer our Mobile Bars and Inflatable Pub hire throughout the South West but can travel further afield upon request.

What are your drinks prices like?

Our prices are what you would expect to find in your local pub. As a company we don’t think its right to inflate prices like some of our competitors. We do not display our prices on our website so please contact us and ask for a full price list.

Can you arrange a drink that isn’t on your menu?

Absolutely we are more than happy to arrange any drinks that you would like. Please contact us as soon as possible before your event to ensure that we can provide these.

How can I pay for my drinks?

We accept cash and card payments via a wireless card machine. We also offer a prepaid service. Our card machine does require WIFI signal, but we will do checks prior to the event so that you can advise your guests in advance should the card machine not work at your venue.

Are you insured?

As a company we have public liability insurance and our equipment is PAT tested every 12months. Our staff hold Personal Alcohol License which is required to sell alcohol. The Inflatable pub complies to CE EN14960.

What licence will I need for my event?

You may need a Temporary Event Notice ‘TENs’ licence for your event depending on the venue. Upon booking we will discuss licensing and if you do require one then we will apply for this on your behalf at no extra cost.

Where can you supply a bar and/or Inflatable pub to?

We can install our mobile bars pretty much anywhere such as… Marquees, Village halls, Private gardens, Fields, Parks…etc. If there is a space, we will fit it.

*Please note that The Inflatable Pub can be installed in most outdoor spaces and some indoor spaces dependant on ceiling height*

Are you able to meet me at my venue beforehand to discuss details?

We are more than happy to meet you beforehand at your venue to discuss any details that you may have. 8 – 12 weeks before your event we will do a venue visit to discuss where the bar will be placed and any requirements.

Minimum Set-up requirements?

Mobile Bars

For a standard bar setup, we require the following:

  • A minimum space of approximately 3metres x 3metres, with a flat and level surface.
  • A standard 240v power supply. (Minimum of 4 x 13Amp sockets)
  • A fresh water supply if possible but not essential. Please let us know when booking.
  • Vehicle access to the area that we are working in is required prior to the start and end of the event to enable the ease of loading equipment/stock.

For set up times please see below.

Inflatable Pub

For the Inflatable pub we require the following:

  • A flat surface with a minimum area of 7metres x 7metres and 7metres in height away from any overhead cables/obstacles
  • The Pub needs to be secured to the ground once inflated so please consider this when thinking where to place it. It is secured using pegs in the ground. On solid surfaces we will use water weights.
  • A standard 240v power supply.
  • A minimum of 2-3hours set up time and a minimum of 2hours to take down, this will be dependent on what type of package is supplied.
  • Vehicle access to the venue is required prior to the start and end of the event to enable the ease of loading equipment/stock. no more than 10 meters from where the pub is to be installed.
  • We also require a minimum access width (for example through a garden gate) of 1metre

Can you set the bar up the day before my event?

Yes, we are more than happy to set up the day before your event, this allows you peace of mind and less to worry about on the day plus this allows time for the coolers to reach their optimum temperature.

If this is not possible,

  • we require a minimum of 3-4hours for a standard bar set up. The earlier we can have access to the venue to set up the better.
  • Taking down at the end of the event should take around 2-3 hours.

What type glasses/cups do you use?

As most of our events our outside functions and as a company we care about the environment we use a Biodegradable cup which have a greener disposable option. Made from 100% compostable materials, these eco-friendly tumblers will simply degrade after use, meaning you can pop them on your compost heap or in your green bin. These tumblers are CE marked making them suitable for use in licensed establishments.

We can supply glass for welcome drinks/wine/water etc at certain types of events but please ask for more information.

Booking notice required?

Like any event the more notice given the better. We are extremely busy at popular periods of the year so please book early to avoid disappointment.

If your venue requires a Temporary Event Notice we ask for a minimum of 25 days’ notice so that we can obtain the licence from the local authorities. In some circumstances this can sometimes be shortened but please get in contact first. Booking of our services is not a guarantee that your licence will be granted by the local authorities. If this does happen, we will work closely with yourselves and the authorities to try and resolve any issues that may be prohibiting the permission of the licence.

Selling policies?

It is against the law:

  • To sell alcohol to someone under 18 anywhere and can lead to a maximum fine of £20,000.
  • To knowingly sell alcohol to someone who is drunk.
  • To knowingly buy/get, or try to buy/get, alcohol for a drunken person on a licensed premise.
  • For an adult to buy or attempt to buy alcohol on behalf of someone under 18.
  • For someone under 18 to buy alcohol, attempt to buy alcohol or to be sold alcohol.
  • Persons suspected of being abusive/violent will be refused service. We do not tolerate any abuse of either staff or guests under any circumstances.

OutsideInn’s operates and adheres to the Challenge 25 Scheme

If you’re lucky enough to look under 25 years of age you may be asked to provide identification in the form of either a driving licence, passport or PASS-accredited proof of age card.

Our policy is non-negotiable and will be enforced at each event. Breaches of the above policy will result in persons being barred and/or the immediate closure of the bar.

How many people does the Inflatable Pub hold?

Our Pub will hold around 35 people standing. This will vary on the equipment you have inside the pub.

How big is the Inflatable Pub?

Our Pub is: Length (m): 5.75 x Width (m): 6.3 x Height (m): 6.4 And requires a flat surface with a minimum area of 7metres x 7metres and 7metres in height away from any overhead cables/obstacles


Is the Inflatable Pub waterproof?

The pubs are waterproof in light or moderate rain but during sustained or heavy rain some leaking may occur.